What lives under the fridge?

And the stove too for that matter.

Under the refrigerator

Your kitchen looks clean. And it may be..almost. The tiny slice of pepper that fell off the cutting board, the crumbs from your sandwich and mostly just day to day dirt love to hide under the fridge and stove. When you move into a new home why not get rid of all of the prior occupant’s dirt?

Pull out the fridge. Grab wet mop or cloth with some cleaner, honestly it does not matter which one. Dish soap will work. Get the area good and wet and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe. Wipe again. Ahhhh…

Clean under the fridge


Overwhelmed by even the thought of cleaning out that extra room or basement

You have the best intentions. Over the years you place stuff you don’t need right away in a safe place, an extra room, basement or closet. Then almost suddenly it looks like this:

Overwhelming spare room

You want to clean it but the task is so daunting. Maybe another day…

May I suggest you get help? “I specialize in helping people straighten out these rooms, lovingly guiding them to decide what to keep, what friends and relatives might need, and what to donate or toss,” says Glynis, Appleton Home Services Organizational Expert. “Having a guide makes this job so much easier.”

Glynis tackled this room:

  • She helped the home owner Susan decided that the treadmill can stay, and she arranged for a repair person to come and fix the broken switch.
  • They decided together that the extra pillows and bed linens could be donated to a local women’s shelter. Glynis dropped them off and arranged for Sue to get a donation receipt.
  • Glynis arranged books and albums on the bookshelves. Sue is happily re-reading the classics that she could not easily access before.
Organized spare room

Have a space you need to tackle? Call for help: 484-320-7961. You will be glad you did.

First cleaning $79. New Year Special

Most cleaning companies charge substantially more for the first cleaning because it takes longer to clean a home you’re not familiar with. We’re doing the opposite– as a special offer to Welcome 2018 your first cleaning is only $79!

Give yourself time for your resolutions–have Appleton Home Services clean your home.Let us keep your home clean and free your time for yourself, your family, and your career. Call 484-320-7961 today for a no obligation estimate. kitchen

* $79 offer is good for the first cleaning for new clients only. Homes larger that 2500 square feet or having more than 3 bathrooms may be charged extra.