Best mop for hardwood and tile floors

When you want a great looking floor it has to be clean and streak free. After testing several methods including spray mop systems, hand washing and sponge mops I have to put my vote on the O Cedar Spin Mop system.

FHP_17_1000_07_Easy_Wring_Packaging_redesign_41317_3D-210x208Spraying a cleaning solution every few minutes is far too time consuming. You also fall for a “razor and blade” strategy where you may get a bargain on the initial purchase but the supplies will cost you. I’d say the same for those damp disposables that Swiffer and Bona make.

Tradition sponge mops just don’t clean that well in my opinion and they leave the floor too wet. This is critical for wood and laminate floors that can warp if left wet. Also wetness leads to spots and streaks.

The spin mop makes it easy to wring out most of the water leaving the mop just damp enough for wood floors. You can choose to use fewer spins and leave more water in the mop if the floor calls for it, such as a very messy kitchen floor–as long as it is not wood.

I also love that the mop head is washable. I’m not a big fan of single use, disposable anything unless really necessary. The mop head goes in the washer with the rest of my cleaning cloths and comes out great.

Whether you hire Appleton Home Services to mop your floors or do them yourself, here’s to a clean, streak free floor.