Kindness and understanding are the key qualities you need in a home organizing pro.

There are many choices when trying to find someone to help you bring order to chaos. They have systems based on buckets, boxes and even bugs. ( OK the bug one was totally cute.) What you need to look for is kindness and understanding.

Nobody buys a home and says “Let me fill this with stuff. So much stuff,  that I can’t organize it all. And I want to have my belongings overwhelm me.” It just happens. Life happens. Stuff we did not want to happen– happens.

So find someone who understands. Someone who can bring joy to this process, and love you, and your stuff.

Look for someone with a sense of humor and someone who brings joy and understanding along with the cleaning supplies and trash bags. Nobody wants or needs to be judged. We are all on a journey. Find someone who can add light and joy to your journey.


Appleton Home Services offers kind, thoughtful home organizing services. Call 484-320-7961 today. You will be glad you did.


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